Startup Idea #4: Hootsuite for Images

Think about it, why did Hootsuite start?  Because it was a pain in the ass to re-type the same thing four times to put it in all your social spaces.   And to get that high level view of your social world in one spot.

Where are we at with image based apps?  Instagram, Twitpic, Flickr, Color, Facebook, Pinterest.  I am willing to bet you have accounts with at least 3 of those.

Imagine taking one photo and having it posted up on all your photo sites? Boom!  Now you just need a hugable mascot and you are gtg.


Startup Idea #3: Calendar Battleship

Have you tried scheduling a meeting with another busy person?  It sucks.  Back and forth as you both try to find a common time to meet.  Then another round as you sort out a location.  Blah :/

Why not make it fun?  Bring back ye ol Battleship game just in time to piggyback off the movie release.  Here is how it goes:

Me: C5 (Weds @ 3pm)

You: Miss!

Me: A7 (aka. Monday @ 10am)

You: Hit!

Me: B7 (aka. Revolver)

You: You sunk my battleship!!

Not sure about the exact UI (how you hook it easily into people’s calendars and how it translates to the game) but I do know scheduling meetings sucks and people are taking stabs at solving in (tungle.me).  Why not make it fun?


Startup Idea #2: Meat and Beer

Ok… so not a tech startup, but still.  Have you seen the line up outside of Meat and Bread recently?  

For all the raw/organic banter its pretty clear that sometimes people want to go back to the good old days of when you were allowed to have carbs and protein in the same meal.  

The name Meat and Bread works because it is simple and lets the product be the hero. Why not expand that beyond food to include adult beverages? Meat and Beer as a pub would be a huge hit if they followed the lead and let the product be front and center. 


Startup Idea #1: Reinventing the Dating Wheel

Dating sites suck.  Mostly because they target the wrong audience.  Have you ever signed up for POF as a girl?  Its like throwing chuck steak into a pool of piranhas.  I think whoever wins the next iteration of the dating war will be a team of single girls trying to scratch their own itch (in a good way:)

Format:  Facebook login. 50/50 Men and Women members.  Beautiful Peoplestyle member curation with existing female members having to approve new male entrants.

Having the females approve males will allow you to graph out suitable matches for the gals.  And lets get serious here, online dating needs to be catered to and run by the gals if it has any chance of success.